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Lainaa heti

Papillon Urmia Zlatý krystal

Dog's kennel name:   Urmia Zlatý krystal
registration id:   TEMP_6FVBCVZ7VITGT4L
Sex:   bitch


Time of birth:   14.12.2002
Age:   11 years and 10 months 
Time of death:   alive
Adder of this dog:   Owner
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Voting and breed forum
This dog is not mixed breeds, but it has a TEMP -starting id. Therefore it can not be voted.

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Pedigree:   not available
Father:   father information is not available
Father's registration id:   TEMP_KQ2PIO3GUY4Q230
Mother:   mother information is not available
Mother's registration id:   TEMP_32XQD4S45CKPGLE
Siblings:   Sibling information is not available
Puppies:   Puppy information is not available

* -marked dog information is collected from the pedigree only
Measurement and results
Height:   25.0 cm
Weight:   3.0 kg
Eye check:   -
Hips:   left: -   right: -
Elbow:   left: -   right: -
Knees:   left: 1   right: 2
Character test result:   -
Gun proof:   -
Breeding check result:   -
BLUB-hip:   -
BLUB-elbow:   -
Other info:   -
Titles and achievements
Titles:   CACIB
Titles:   Champion
Other info
Nick name:   Mia
Character description:   -
Figure description:   -
Dog description:   Mia is not used in breeding because of her bad patella luxation!
  • Dog shows
  • Litter plans
    Litters upcoming:   -
    Litter description:   -
    Adder information
    Page   view personal page ›
    First name:   Marketa
    Family name:   Korintova
    Street:   Na hlavni 160
    Zip code:   18200
    Zip area:   Praha
    State:   Central Bohemia
    Land:   Czech Republic
    Email:   odcenicka(at)
    Phone:   +420724183225
    Homepage:   view homepage ›
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