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Basic information
User name:   Wilpie 
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Street:   X
Zip code:   52830
Zip area:   Suomenniemi
State:   Etelä-Karjala
Land:   Finland ›
Email:   printeel(at)
Homepage:   view ›
Type:   owner
Own description:   Ei kuvausta
Interests and skills
Breed interest:  
  • Miniature Pincher
  • Dobermann Pincher
  • Skills:  
  • Dog trainer
  • Hobbies:  
  • Obidience
  • Agility
  • Seeks dog related company:   Yes
    Dogs added by this user  5 
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    Dobermann Pincher

    1. Eva 'Eevus. Eevuska'
    Eva Sex: bitch
    Birth: 04.05.2002
    Add type: owner
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    Miniature Pincher

    2. Auretan Perry Pride 'Pietu, Pietula. P...'
    Auretan Perry Pride Sex: male
    Birth: 27.06.2000
    Add type: owner
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    3. Maraca Kristoffer 'Toffo'
    Maraca Kristoffer Sex: male
    Birth: 27.01.2000
    Add type: other
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    4. Obenauf Evie 'Eevi'
    Obenauf Evie Sex: bitch
    Birth: 13.11.1993
    Add type: other
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    5. Wilma 'Wilmuska'
    Wilma Sex: bitch
    Birth: 20.06.1997
    Status:past away 31.08.2002
    Add type: owner
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