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Kennel Siniketun

Basic information
User name:   siniketun 
First name:  


Family name:  


Zip code:  
Zip area:   Tuulos
State:   Häme
Land:   Finland ›
Email:   siniketun(at)
Homepage:   view ›
Type:   breeder
Own description:   Ei kuvausta
Interests and skills
Breed interest:  
  • Shetland Sheepdog
  • Collie, long coat
  • Collie, smooth
  • Skills:   -
  • Disastes dog
  • Search and rescue
  • Dog shows
  • Searching, persons
  • Agility
  • Seeks dog related company:   No
    Breeder information
    Kennel name:   Siniketun
    Breeding breeds:  
  • Shetland Sheepdog
  • Collie, long coat
  • Kennel description:   Pienimuotoista pk collien ja shetlanninlammaskoiran kasvatusta vuodesta 1986.
    Breeding description:   Meillä on pk collie- ja shelttipentueita aika ajoin kaikissa väreissä ja jalostusuroksia molemmissa roduissa.
    Littering:   Suunnitteilla pk collie- ja shelttipentuja vuonna 2010 !!
    For sale / For placement:  
    Dogs added by this user  9 
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    Collie, long coat

    1. Miss My 'Minni'
    Miss My Sex: bitch
    Birth: 06.07.1982
    Status:past away 31.12.1995
    Add type: owner
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    2. Siniketun Aerosmith 'Renny'
    Siniketun Aerosmith Sex: male
    Birth: 07.01.1994
    Status:past away 08.07.2004
    Add type: owner
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    3. Siniketun Dimmu Borgir 'Lemmy'
    Siniketun Dimmu Borgir Sex: male
    Birth: 29.05.2004
    Add type: owner
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    4. Siniketun Jannike 'Janni'
    Siniketun Jannike Sex: bitch
    Birth: 04.09.1986
    Status:past away 21.05.1998
    Add type: owner
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    5. Siniketun Joutsenlaulu 'Siiri'
    Siniketun Joutsenlaulu Sex: bitch
    Birth: 25.05.2000
    Add type: owner
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    6. Siniketun Motörhead 'Dimmu'
    Siniketun Motörhead Sex: male
    Birth: 29.06.2000
    Add type: owner
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    7. Siniketun Sininen Tähti 'Sulo'
    Siniketun Sininen Tähti Sex: male
    Birth: 06.02.1999
    Add type: owner
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    8. Siniketun SiniSulo 'Sisu'
    Siniketun SiniSulo Sex: male
    Birth: 17.05.2005
    Add type: owner
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    Shetland Sheepdog

    9. Siniketun Brandon Lee 'Blondi'
    Siniketun Brandon Lee Sex: male
    Birth: 25.10.2007
    Add type: owner
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